School Policies and General Information


8:10 - 8:15 Students to homeroom
8:15 - 8:22 O Canada & Homeroom Registration
8:25 - 9:25 Period 1
9:30 - 10:30 Period 2
10:35 - 11:35 Period 3
11:35 -12:15 (Junior & Senior High Lunch)
12:20 - 1:20 Period 4
1:25 - 2:25 Period 5
2:25 - 2:30 Dismissal

Care of Notebooks, Books, and School Property

Books are to be kept in student lockers, not in desks. Students are responsible for ensuring the security of their property. · Notebooks are to be kept in good repair and organized to enable ease of use.
Writing on desks and chairs is considered vandalism. Any markings on desks must be removed immediately.
Students, janitors and teachers are jointly responsible to ensure the over-all tidiness of the school and school grounds.


Lockers are school property and are issued to all NCHS students at a minimal charge. Students must use school issued locks, unless another lock is authorized by the administration. Decorations in lockers must not be obscene, offensive, racist or disruptive. Any damage to a locker or graffiti is the responsibility of the student issued the locker. Security of lockers and lock combinations is the student's responsibility. Reissuing locks will result in a $5.00 locker-processing fee. The school reserves the right to open & inspect lockers periodically.

Students Not Returning Books

Students who do not return or replace school books or library books will not be given a record of their marks at the end of the school term until such time as the student has made arrangements to return or replace such books. Non return of issued text books of borrowed library books will result in an outstanding account with NCHS. Students with outstanding accounts will not receive official school reports and may lose other school privileges.

Grading Requirements

North Colchester High School attempts to meet the individual learning needs of students by various support through the regular program. Individual learning needs may be met by classroom accommodations, through time in the school "Learning Center" or through an Individual Program Plan. In all cases teachers, parents and various support staff are involved in meeting the student's program needs.
A student in grade 7, 8, and 9 must have a minimum mark of 50% in each of English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Personal Development & Relationships/Health and French.
Students entering regular grade l0 will require a minimum of 18 credits for high school completion. Many credits are compulsory for high school completion. These credits include: 3 English, 1 Fine Arts (Music, Drama, or Dance), 2 Science, 2 Math, 2 additional credits from Math, Science or Technology, a half credit from both CLM and PAL, Canadian History 11 and one in Global Studies, either Global History or Global Geography.
A minimum of 5 credits must be taken at the grade l2 level and a maximum of 7 credits at the grade l0 level may be taken towards the necessary 18 credits for receiving the High School Completion Certificate. Students may register for a correspondence course if they have a conflict or if the course is not offered at NCHS.

Course Selection

Each year, students fill out a course selection form. It is important that students and parents keep in mind the long term goals of the student and select courses which best satisfy the entrance requirements of the post secondary institutions to which the student seeks entrance.

Course Changes

Students in senior high may change courses but this must be done before September 16 for semester courses and September 30 for non-semester courses. Students are not permitted to drop any course after this date.

Honors Certificate

In Grade 7, 8 and 9, a student in June must have an average of 85.0 % to 89.9% in English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Health/Personal Development & Relationships, Physical Education, French and one elective subject (8 subjects in all). In Grades l0, 11, and l2, students must have an average of 80 in all subjects, except one, with no mark below 70% in any subjects.

Honors With Distinction Certificate

In Grades 7, 8 and 9, a student in June must have an average of 90% in English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Health/Personal Development Relationships, Physical Education and French and one elective subject (8 subjects in all) In Grades l0, 11, and l2, students must have an average of 85 in all subjects, except one, with no mark below 75% in any subjects.

Determination of Final Mark

In Junior High, the final mark is determined by taking 50% of the first term and adding that mark to 50% of the second term mark. In Senior High, if students must write a N. S. exam at the end of the school year, it will be worth 30% of the year's mark. Each term will be worth 35%. Where a N. S. exam is not given, each term is worth 50%. This reflects the amount of time spent on instruction throughout the school year.


Parents are welcome to come to the school at any time to see the principal or at special times to meet with staff concerning students. Parents or someone acting on behalf of a parent may come on school grounds to pick up a student. All visitors are expected to present themselves to the principal or vice-principal and state the nature of their business. Visitors who simply wish to socialize with students will be asked to leave the school grounds.


Our school provides a hot lunch program for our students. We encourage students to take advantage of this excellent food service. Prices are subject to change. Please note that posted prices and menu are in the cafeteria and will be made public through the school newsletter.


A variety of snacks are available in the Students' Council canteen. Proceeds from canteen sales support school projects and activities.


Each year our school produces a yearbook. A yearbook editor is appointed in the month of June. A staff advisor and the editor choose the staff who will help produce the yearbook. It is our hope that each family will try to buy a copy of the yearbook each year.


Except in cases of emergency, students will not be called from classes to answer the telephone. Students will not be allowed to use the office telephones except in emergency situations. A pay telephone is available to students.

Fire Drills

Several fire drills will occur throughout the school year. The procedure for exiting the building will be carefully explained by homeroom teachers. The building plan and a detailed exit plan will be found in each classroom.

Sick or Injured Students

The following policy outlines the procedure to be followed by the school principal for ill or injured children.
1) The school principal is to be responsible for having on hand the addresses, both home and place of employment, of one or both parents or guardians of each child in his charge.
2) The parents or guardians are to be advised by the school principal so that they may act in the best interest of the child.
3) No student will be excused from school for illness occurring at school unless to a parent, guardian or a medical practitioner or facility or a destination authorized by the parent or guardian.


Students will have the opportunity to receive career oriented information through the Guidance Counsellor. Our guidance office houses university calendars and booklets on most careers. The Guidance Office provides students with on-site counseling and referrals to school board and non-educational agencies. Inquiries about student records and transcripts should be made through the Guidance Office.

Fund Raising

Each year the school is involved in a number of fund raising programs to help support our many extra-curricular activities. Our major fund raising drives include the selling of Christmas wrap, chocolate bars, and magazines. The operation of a canteen also provides our school with funds. Income from canteen operations and other fund raising events is vital to the operation of the school mini bus and other student council activities. Students engaging in extra-curricular activities are expected to participate in school fund raising activities.

Homework Requests

The staff has an expectation that all homework be completed. If a student is absent from school for one to two days only, it is expected that the student phone a friend to ask for any homework assignments. If the student has a prolonged absence from school of three or more days, work packages can be provided for the student. Please call the school to arrange for this work package prior to morning announcements at 8:10 a.m. Tests Students will be given a minimum 3 day notice for all major tests. Students are responsible for writing any test that is missed. If a student misses a test, that student is responsible for seeing the teacher on the same day that he/she returns, to arrange to write the make-up test. If the student does not make these arrangements, then the subject teacher will inform the student during their next class as to the arrangements for a make-up test. These points deal more specifically with missed tests: (a) If a student is late for school on a test day, he/she must write the test before leaving school. (b) If a student misses school for a reason unacceptable to the school, the student will receive a zero for that test. (c) A student on an in-school suspension will write the test as scheduled. (d) A student on an out-of-school suspension will write the test on the day he/she returns.


The NCHS library is a location where students have the opportunity to enhance their education through reading material and through various computer research facilities. All students are encouraged to use the library on a regular basis. If you wish to volunteer your services to assist in the library, see the librarian. There are a few general library rules: (1) Students are able to sign out up to 3 books at a time. (2) Damaged/lost or overdue books may result in loss of privileges to students. (3) Reference books are not permitted to be signed out. (4) Students must have a 'pass', issued by the teacher, to use the library during class times.

Students' Council

The voice of the student body at North Colchester High is the Students' Council. Many student related activities are under the control of the Council. The executive of the Council consists of a president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary. The body of council is made up of students elected from homerooms.


North Colchester High School Students' Council has its own Constitution. This document covers the responsibilities of the Students' Council. A copy is posted in all homerooms. It is the responsibility of each homeroom teacher to bring this document to the attention of his/her students.

School Trips

The school board requires that parents sign a parental consent form for students taking part in all school related trips. Standard forms are provided by the school board for this purpose. Teachers arranging for such trips must provide each student with such a form. These forms will be filed with the principal prior to the trip.

School Dances

School dances are meant to provide students the opportunity of getting together in a relaxed atmosphere. The staff of North Colchester High give their time to supervise these dances and try to provide a worry free dance. This requires the establishment of certain basic rules. Homeroom teachers have a copy of the rules. Students are encouraged to review these before the first dance of the year.


This is the final dance of the year and the only formal dance. It is given in honor of the graduating class and is considered a highlight of the school year. Grade 7 and 8 students are not permitted to attend the prom. Students from grades 9 to 12 wishing to attend this dance must dress and act in a manner respecting the dignity of such an occasion. In addition, the prom is for couples only. An exception is made for a graduating student. All other usual rules for school dances also apply to this dance.

School Rules

1. All lates will get an automatic detention unless acceptable notification is provided by the parent that day. Excessive lateness by students will be dealt with by the administration. This could lead to suspension from school. Excessive lateness involves being late for class or school without an acceptable excuse more than 15 times throughout the school year.
2. No hats or coats will be worn in the school or classes (unless authorized by teacher).
3. Students are to be in their classroom BEFORE the buzzer rings to commence class, otherwise a late slip will be required.
4. No sitting on classroom desks or at the teacher's desk.
5. No sitting on the floor in the corridors.
6. Students who plan to travel on a school bus other than their normal one require a bus note from the administration.
7. Students are to wear appropriate clothing for a school environment. If a student is in doubt as to what is appropriate, consult with the administration.
8. Stairways are to be kept clear to enable easy passage of non-school/school personnel.
9. Junior High students are not to leave school grounds unless authorized by a teacher or administration.
10. Inappropriate public displays of affection will not be tolerated at school or during school events.
11. For other rules/regulations, please refer to the 'Discipline Codes' found in this book.

Alcohol and Drug Policy

Infractions of rules which include the student abuse of drugs are considered to be serious infractions and hence-forth students found abusing drugs including alcohol, in school or school related activities will be considered by the committee of the Board and be liable for suspension for the balance of the school year. In school means on the school grounds, building or on the school buses. School related activities includes any activity sponsored by the school and would include all sports, sports trips, dances, field trips, etc. As drug and alcohol fall under the Criminal Code, the principal is obligated to report all incidents to the proper authority. How this authority deals with infractions is unrelated to any action taken by the committee of the board.

Deportment in Class

a) Students are expected to cooperate in our goal of having neat, disciplined, organized classes and classrooms.
b) Teachers will not tolerate improper language and conduct in the classroom or on school grounds. Students who disrupt class are subject to school discipline procedures. Detentions or suspensions may occur.